My ETech JavaScript tutorial

I gave a three hour JavaScript tutorial at ETech this morning, aimed at people with previous programming experience who hadn’t yet dived deep in to JavaScript as a programming language. It seemed to go pretty well - some good questions were asked at various points and a few people told me afterwards that they had found it interesting.

I didn’t finish the presentation in time to get handouts made up - in fact I was adding the finishing touches 15 minutes before the session began - so I’m posting the slides here. The 111 slides (reduced to low quality JPEGs with Keynote to save on bandwidth) start here: A (Re)-Introduction to JavaScript.

For the sake of completeness, I’m also releasing the notes I made in preparation for the talk (PDF). These are pretty rough and don’t match what I actually said very closely but they might be of interest in any case.

The photos in the presentation were all found using Flickr’s awesome Creative Commons search feature.

Update: I’ve converted the notes to a single HTML file with permalinks for each of the sections: A (Re)-Introduction to JavaScript (HTML).

There’s a lot of interest in the slides as a single file. The PDF is 50MB thanks to all of the images, but I’ll see about getting it hosted on the ETech site. In the mean-time, I’ve posted higher quality copies of the slides to Flickr.